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Say goodbye to disruptive notifications and hello to seamless communication with XComms. Our web tool allows you to easily create multi-position scrolling ticker alerts that can be displayed on any screen or device, ensuring that your message is seen without interrupting workflow.

Elevate your alerts by inserting links or dragging and dropping images or animated GIFs. Plus, with pre-designed personal templates, you'll always be ready to send an alert in a flash. And, all templates are accessible and editable while creating an alert.

With the desktop scrolling ticker alert feed, you can quickly and easily communicate important updates, reminders, or general information to individuals, custom groups, departments, multiple locations, or even the entire organization. Keep your team informed and on the same page without interrupting their productivity with XComms.

XComms offers powerful but subtle desktop alerting options, allowing you to bypass email or any other collaboration tool completely. With the ability to determine screen position, scroll speed, and even deploy as a silent tray notification, you can deliver your message to desktop, SMS, email, and WhatsApp all in a single step.

Our versatile desktop headline tickers also provide a variety of options, such as graphics, animated GIFs, video links, hyperlinks to web pages, downloads or shared spaces, HTML for dynamic content, and much more.

Scheduling your desktop tickers has never been easier, with the ability to schedule one time, daily, weekly, monthly, specific days of the week, or even by number of occurrences. You can also set the ticker to deliver at specific times of the day, set expiration dates, and even track ticker delivery and readership in real-time.

With XComms, your desktop headline alerts are also actionable. You can drive recipients to internal or external resources, send quiz follow-up from the same console, and even include optional receipt acknowledgement confirmations or insert calendar invites. Stay on top of your communications and keep your team informed without interrupting their workflow with XComms.

Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headline


Ideal for Scrolling:

  • Company Update Ticker

  • Security Awareness

  • Scrolling Outage Alerts

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Product Changes

  • Position Specifics

  • Crisis Communication​

  • System Updates

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Outage Resolution Ticker

  • Subtle Event Reminders

  • Internal Marketing Feed

  • Compliance Standards

  • Industry Update Headlines

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