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Xcomms Africa

XComms offers a comprehensive desktop alert software designed to revolutionize internal communication in organizations through customizable tools such as pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, and mobile notifications. The platform stands out for its flexibility, allowing users to brand communications, target specific audiences, and incorporate AI-driven analytics for improved engagement. Unique to XComms is its guarantee of 100% message visibility, ensuring that all communications are immediately noticed across desktop and mobile platforms.

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Xcomms Africa

is thrilled to be the official technology partner of XComms Global

We offer advanced Internal Communication Platform solutions across the African Union territories.


Our platform comprises a variety of communication tools like desktop pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, screensaver management, and real-time reporting. These multi-channel tools guarantee maximum message awareness and can be delivered through various communication forms like SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

Our seasoned team of professionals collaborates with clients to tailor our services according to unique business needs, even crafting custom solutions for specific industries. The platform offers targeted messaging to select groups, customizable desktop tickers, and robust screensaver and wallpaper management tools to bolster internal communication. In addition, our platform is designed to handle emergency situations through features such as Push Panic Buttons and mass notification tools.

XComms Africa is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, with support available 24/7. Our platform is fully mobile-responsive, compatible with both Windows and Apple devices, ensuring seamless communication irrespective of location or device type. Through consistent investment in R&D, we aim to keep our solutions ahead of the curve, making a significant impact on the African business landscape by enhancing internal communications and productivity.

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