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Desktop Alerts

Desktop Alerts in action.

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The Ultimate Solution for Maximum Employee Awareness

Are you tired of your important messages getting lost in the noise of email and collaboration tools? Introducing XComms, the revolutionary desktop alert software that guarantees 100% reach and readership. With XComms, you can easily create high-priority desktop communications that will cut through the clutter and ensure maximum awareness among your employees.

The XComms portal offers a wide range of features to help you deliver your message effectively, including:

  • Full detailed analytics to track the success of your alerts.

  • Unlimited content managers to ensure that your message is always delivered by the right person.

  • Full scheduling capabilities to send your alerts at the most appropriate time.

  • Target user or device options to ensure that your message is delivered to the right audience.

With XComms, you can also choose from a variety of display options, including any position on the screen, any size, full screen, or a blinking tray icon. Additionally, you can upload your company logo to brand your pop-up alerts and create a familiar look and feel.

The software also offers versatile alert targeting options, allowing you to target your pop-ups to individuals, AD groups, custom groups, computer names, email addresses, and even mobile numbers. And with the ability to pre-design personal templates, you can always be ready to send an alert as quickly as possible.

Get full reporting on all of your XComms activity and create an unlimited number of accesses, targeting, and viewing permission policies. With XComms, you can send your alerts right away, pre-schedule them, or both at the same time.

Don't let your important messages get lost in the noise. Upgrade to XComms and guarantee maximum employee awareness with powerful and versatile desktop pop-up alerts.

Contact Us for a Free Demo and see how XComms can revolutionize the way you communicate with your employees.

Employee Desktop Alert Pop-Ups

Ideal for broadcasting:

  • Company Updates

  • Security Awareness

  • Outage Alerts

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Product Changes

  • Position Specifics

  • Crisis Communication​

  • System Updates

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Outage Alerts

  • Event Reminders

  • Internal Marketing

  • Compliance Standards

  • Industry Updates

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