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XComms is an exceptional desktop alert software that is designed to enhance internal communication in organizations. Its comprehensive suite of tools provides a multitude of options for employee notifications, including pop-up alerts, scrolling ticker alerts, screensaver management, wallpaper management, locked screen backgrounds, quizzes/surveys, emergency alerts, and mobile notifications.


With XComms, users have the ability to customize their communications by branding them with their own logo, targeting specific users/devices, and tracking readership. This highly flexible platform allows users to choose the tools they want to use and easily add more tools later. What sets XComms apart is its guaranteed 100% awareness by ensuring that all communications are immediately noticed by employees on their desktops and mobile devices.


Additionally, XComms incorporates cutting-edge AI technology into its platform, revolutionizing the way organizations communicate with their workforce. Our Legal Notice is available here.

4 Portman Place



South Africa


Tel: 0027 82 851 1635


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