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Alerts On Demand

Alerts on Demand -- XComms App

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Unleash the Power of Internal Communication with XComms!

XComms, the exclusive internal communication platform, has taken the next step in revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their employees. With XComms On Demand, you can now send notifications even faster than before, using a range of tools that guarantee maximum awareness.

Faster and More Convenient Alert Deployment

The XComms Alert Nexus Hub makes triggering pre-designed alerts to pre-determined recipients effortless, with the push of a button on the control board. You can customize your alert panel, add images to each key, and automate the alerting process. Whether you're in the office or on the go, XComms on the go mobile app delivers real-time notifications on any screen with a simple tap of an icon.

Desktop Shortcuts for Instant Deployment

Sending an immediate alert notification doesn't require logging in anymore. With XComms, you can create a desktop shortcut for any alert, giving the responsibility of sending specific alerts to a person without giving them access to the platform. Customize the desktop shortcuts with XComms' standout icons or use your own.

Emergency Alerts at Your Fingertips

With XComms, you can quickly and easily notify anyone of an emergency in real-time with a simple push of a button. Create the alert, select the recipients, assign it to a button or desktop shortcut, and that's it. You can even determine the button LED colors, and set your own "Long Press" function to avoid accidental triggering.

The Ultimate Internal Communication Solution

XComms is setting new standards in internal communication with its innovative, responsive, and intuitive technology. Regardless of location, screen, or device, XComms casts the widest net possible, providing an effective, secure, and affordable solution that will transform the way you do business.

Get a Free Demo Today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your internal communication. Contact us today for a free demo and experience the power of XComms On Demand!"

On Demand Employee Alert Tools

Send Instant Alerts to any screen by:

  • ​Pushing A Physical Button

  • Clicking A Desktop Shortcut

  • Pushing Key on Alert Nexus

  • Using Mobile App

  • Using Your Web Tool

The fastest mass notification solution just got even faster!

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