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Alert Buttons

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The XComms Internal Communication Platform offers a wide range of tools to publish alerts to any screen or device in real-time. With XComms, you can send urgent alerts by clicking a desktop shortcut, pushing a physical button, using any mobile device or your web tool.

The platform provides an instant alert tool that offers the fastest emergency communication, which can be triggered from a desktop shortcut or physical push button. The On-Demand alert system from XComms is the solution you need to quickly notify employees of emergencies.

XComms also offers programmable emergency panic buttons that can be customized effortlessly. You can assign the alert to the button, assign a button pressed led color, assign a button released color, and plug it into a USB port. You can program all your buttons from a single computer and then distribute them to those who will be responsible for alerting employees.

In today’s fast-paced environment, XComms is the solution you’ve been looking for to handle any emergency situation. Whether it is an active shooter alert, fire emergency, severe weather, or anything urgent, XComms allows you to deploy an instant alert to any screen or device with a quick push of a button.

With XComms, you can display alerts on any screen, from desktops, common area screens, or mobile devices, ensuring that everyone is informed and ready. The process is easy - create the alert, select the recipients, assign it to a button or create a desktop shortcut and you're done. XComms dynamic targeting ensures that your distribution lists are always updated, making sure everyone is informed when it matters most.

In conclusion, XComms Internal Communication Platform provides businesses with the necessary tools to handle emergency situations quickly and efficiently. If you're interested in learning more about XComms, contact us for a free demo today!

On Demand Employee Alert Tools

Send Instant Alerts to any screen by:

  • ​Pushing A Physical Button

  • Clicking A Desktop Shortcut

  • Pushing Key on Alert Nexus

  • Using Mobile App

  • Using Your Web Tool

The fastest mass notification solution just got even faster!

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