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Book a XComms Demo Now!

Discover how XComms can revolutionize internal communication within your organization. Our cutting-edge platform provides multi-channel communication options to reach employees on desktops, mobile devices, and common area screens, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged.

XComms provides a suite of tools for employee notifications including desktop pop-up alerts, scrolling ticker alerts, screensaver management, wallpaper management, locked screen backgrounds, quizzes/surveys, emergency alerts, and mobile notifications.

Our Privacy Promise

At XComms, privacy is a top priority. Rest assured that your information will never be shared with third parties or used for any other purposes. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

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What To Expect During Your Demo

Customised Experience - A XComms product specialist will discuss your specific internal communication needs with you.

Easy-to-use Platform - Get a hands-on demonstration of XComms and see how simple it is to grab employee attention with our tools.

Affordable Pricing - Discover why XComms is the most cost-effective multi-channel communication solution available.

Next Steps - Discuss your implementation plan and schedule a follow-up demo if desired.

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Our Goal

To provide you with the information and tools you need to make an informed buying decision, and to showcase our commitment to delivering a secure, effective, and budget-friendly internal communication solution that will transform your organization.

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