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Use Gamification Options to increase Employee Engagement

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

As an internal communication tool, XComms Quizzes and Surveys offers numerous features and benefits to help organizations assess employee engagement and overall knowledge. With its pop-up quiz and survey capabilities, you can receive results in real-time and target specific users or devices.

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XComms offers a variety of question types including multiple-choice, true or false, written, and more, allowing you to assess employee understanding on various topics such as product knowledge, compliance, process adherence, workplace safety, security policies, industry knowledge, and more. The platform is easy to use and provides unlimited content manager licenses at no extra cost, so you can create an unlimited number of quizzes and surveys.

Additionally, XComms allows you to customize your quizzes with your own branding and schedule them for specific times. Results can be shared with employees and scoring options are available. The platform also offers gamification options to increase employee engagement.

XComms is perfect for any business type, including general office communications, crisis communications, call center updates, internal marketing, and more. With its innovative and intuitive technology, it is the easiest and most advanced solution in its class.

In conclusion, XComms Quizzes and Surveys is a valuable tool for internal communication. With its real-time results, customizable quizzes, and unlimited content manager licenses, you can quickly and easily assess employee engagement and overall knowledge.


If you're interested in experiencing the full benefits of XComms, Contact Us today for a free demo.


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