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No35.1 - The Importance of Internal Communication in Conflict Resolution

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Once upon a time, a company faced an internal crisis that could have derailed its entire future. But they had one weapon in their arsenal—effective internal communication. Now, they are a case study in how to successfully navigate through corporate conflicts. In this post, we will delve into why internal communication is crucial for conflict resolution.

The Fabric of Organisational Cohesion during Internal Communication

Internal communication isn't merely a matter of sending emails or holding meetings. It is the fabric that holds the organisation together. When conflicts arise, this fabric can either unravel quickly or strengthen the organisation, depending on the effectiveness of the communication.

Empowerment and Agency

Effective internal communication empowers employees by making them active participants in conflict resolution. It provides them with the necessary information, options, and channels to voice their concerns and contribute to solutions.

Timely Communication

The moment conflicts are identified, time becomes a critical factor. Swift, transparent, and precise internal communication can often prevent a molehill from turning into a mountain.

Role in Conflict Identification

Effective internal communication also plays a vital role in identifying the root cause of the conflict. Surveys, internal blogs, and employee forums can serve as platforms for raising concerns before they escalate into full-blown crises.


Every good story has a resolution, and every organisation can pen its own success story by prioritizing effective internal communication. Not only can it play a pivotal role in conflict identification and resolution, but it can also help build a resilient organisational culture.

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