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36.3 - Starting Off Right: Communication in Onboarding, through Internal Communication

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As we embark on the final lap of our onboarding journey, let's begin by saying that the starting line is where races are often won or lost. In the same vein, communication at the start of an employee's journey can set the course for their entire career within the organisation.

Setting the Tone

The First Day

The initial day should be well-structured with clear agendas, welcoming team introductions, and opportunities for the new hires to express themselves.

The First Week

The first week should be a mix of task-oriented objectives and cultural immersion, facilitated by open and honest communication.

Long-Term Onboarding Communication Strategies


Maintain regular intervals for communication check-ins to ensure the new hire is comfortable and progressing well.


Be open about performance expectations, key objectives, and upcoming challenges to foster an environment of trust.


Acknowledging accomplishments reinforces positive behaviour and opens avenues for constructive feedback.

Final Words

Communication in onboarding is not a one-off event but a sustained effort that will have a lasting impact on an employee's journey with your organisation. So, start off right, and you'll set the course for a mutually beneficial relationship that stands the test of time.

We trust you found this blog post on Starting Off Right: Communication in Onboarding beneficial. For a deeper dive into crafting an impeccable onboarding experience rooted in effective communication, our expert team is here to assist. Contact us today and let us help you create a tailored solution that will advance your internal communication goals.


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