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Revolutionize Internal Communication with XComms Cloud Based App

#1 Internal communication is vital for any organization.

It helps to keep employees informed, engaged, and motivated. It also helps to improve productivity, collaboration, and customer service. However, internal communication can be challenging in today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment. Employees may be overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive from various sources, such as emails, intranets, newsletters, and social media. They may also miss important communications due to distractions or interruptions.

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That’s why you need XComms Cloud Based App. XComms is an exceptional cloud-based desktop alert software that helps you revolutionize your internal communication. With XComms, you can create and send eye-catching and interactive communications to your employees’ desktops and mobile devices in seconds. You can also customize your communications to suit your brand identity and target specific audiences. Plus, you can track the readership of your communications and measure their impact.

XComms offers a comprehensive suite of tools for employee notifications, including pop-up alerts, scrolling ticker alerts, screensaver management, wallpaper management, locked screen backgrounds, quizzes/surveys, emergency alerts and mobile notifications. You can use these tools for various purposes such as:

  • Announcing company news and events

  • Sharing updates on projects and tasks

  • Providing feedback and recognition

  • Delivering training and learning materials

  • Promoting employee engagement and wellness

  • Soliciting feedback and opinions

  • Alerting employees about urgent or critical situations

With XComms Cloud Based App, you have the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit your communication needs. You can also add more tools as your organization grows or changes.

XComms Cloud Based App uses innovative AI technology to help you communicate efficiently and effectively with your employees. It analyses your communication content and suggests the best format, timing, and frequency for optimal results. It also learns from your employees’ preferences and behaviour to deliver personalized communications that resonate with them.

XComms Cloud Based App is more than just a software. It’s a solution that helps you transform your internal communication into a strategic asset for your organization.

#2 Guaranteed 100% Awareness with XComms

One of the biggest challenges of internal communication is ensuring that all employees receive important communications in a timely manner. Emails can get buried in inboxes or ignored by busy workers. Intranets can be inaccessible or outdated. Newsletters can be too long or too boring to read.

With XComms Cloud Based App, you do not have to worry about these problems anymore. XComms guarantees 100% awareness by ensuring that all communications are immediately noticed by employees on their desktops and mobile devices.

XComms uses high-impact visual formats such as pop-up alerts or scrolling tickers that capture attention instantly without disrupting workflow. These formats are designed to convey key messages clearly and concisely without requiring any action from the recipients.

XComms also allows you to schedule your communications according to the best time for delivery based on factors such as time zone, work shift or availability status of the recipients.

XComms guarantees 100% awareness because it knows how important it is for your organization to communicate effectively with your employees. Missed communications can have profound consequences such as:

  • Decreased productivity due to lack of information or guidance.

  • Reduced collaboration due to misunderstandings or conflicts.

  • Lowered morale due to lack of recognition or appreciation.

  • Increased turnover due to dissatisfaction or disengagement.

  • Compromised safety due to lack of awareness or preparedness.

XComms guarantees 100% awareness because it cares about the quality of communication within your organization. It’s not just a promise; it’s a risk-free guarantee that ensures you get the results you want from your internal communication efforts.

#3 Custom-Built Communication with XComms

Every organization is unique; so are its communication needs. That’s why XComms Cloud Based App allows you to custom-build your communication according to your specific requirements.

With XComms Cloud Based App, you can:

  • Brand your communication with your organization’s logo, colours, fonts, images, videos, sounds etc. This helps you create a consistent identity for your organization across all channels. It also helps you reinforce trust, loyalty, pride among employees.

  • Target specific users, groups, devices, etc. This helps you segment your audience based on criteria such as location, department, role, function etc. It also helps you tailor content based on relevance, interest, preference etc. You can even create dynamic groups based on real-time data such as online status, activity level etc. This way, you ensure that each employee receives only what they need when they need it.

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