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40.2 Programs for Enhancing Employee Advocacy, through Internal Communication

An image featuring a diverse group of corporate employees, to illustrate the power of fostering advocacy through communication.

Employee Advocacy and Internal Communication: Programs to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors


Welcome back to our series on Employee Advocacy and Internal Communication. Today, we venture into the concrete programs that can elevate your employees into devoted advocates for your brand.

The Programs Landscape

Digital Ambassadorship

This involves transforming employees into social media champions. They can share content, participate in online discussions, and bring visibility to the brand.

Employee Recognition Programs

Incentivising employees through rewards and recognition can be highly effective. Tokens, bonuses, and public acknowledgements act as morale boosters.

Implementing the Programs

Pilot Testing

Before a full-scale launch, a pilot program can be valuable for identifying shortcomings and areas of improvement.

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback

Once the program is launched, it is crucial to gather feedback from employees and tweak the programs accordingly.

Leveraging XComms for Program Rollout

XComms Africa can assist in the seamless rollout of these programs. Our SaaS solutions ensure that program announcements and updates reach every corner of your organisation.


Programs tailored for employee advocacy can yield immense dividends in terms of brand promotion and employee engagement. And, because a smile never hurts, let's remember that a well-advocated brand is akin to a well-oiled machine.

We hope you found value in this blog post about "Employee Advocacy and Internal Communication". Looking to implement an effective employee advocacy program? Our team at XComms Africa is equipped to guide you through each step, from consultation to technology deployment. Contact us today and let’s craft a roadmap for your success.



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