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44.3 Measuring the Impact of Employee Advocacy, through Internal Communication

Assessing the Effectiveness of Employee Advocacy in Corporate Communication


Measuring the impact of employee advocacy is crucial for organizations looking to gauge the effectiveness of their internal communication strategies. It involves a detailed analysis of various metrics that reflect employee engagement, the reach of communication efforts, and the quality of employee-generated content.

Understanding these metrics can provide valuable insights into how well employees are advocating for the company and where improvements can be made.

Key Metrics for Measuring Impact

To effectively measure the impact of employee advocacy, organizations need to focus on several key metrics. These include engagement rates, which gauge how actively employees are participating in advocacy programs, and reach, which measures the extent to which employee messages are spreading. Additionally, the quality of employee-generated content is a crucial metric, as it reflects the authenticity and alignment of the message with the brand.

Utilising Analytics Tools

XComms offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that are instrumental in measuring these metrics. These tools provide detailed insights into what communications have been sent, who has received them, and how they are interacting with these messages. This data is invaluable for understanding the impact of communication efforts and for making informed decisions about future strategies. The integration with Local or Cloud Active Directory for targeted communication analytics is another feature that enhances the measurement process.

Continuous Improvement through Feedback

An essential component of measuring employee advocacy is the feedback loop. Organizations should continuously seek feedback from their employees on the effectiveness of communication strategies and advocacy programs. This feedback is vital for making adjustments and improvements, ensuring that the programs remain relevant and effective.


Regular assessments are key to understanding the impact of employee advocacy programs.

Organisations should aim to conduct these measurements periodically, such as after major campaigns or at the end of each quarter.

This practice helps in identifying trends, understanding the long-term impact of advocacy efforts, and refining strategies for better outcomes.

If you're looking to measure and enhance the impact of your employee advocacy efforts, XComms is here to help. Our suite of tools provides the analytics and insights needed to track and improve your internal communication strategies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in achieving measurable success in your employee advocacy initiatives. Let’s unlock the full potential of your internal communication together.



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