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40.3 Measuring the Impact of Employee Advocacy as part of your Internal Communication programme

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Employee Advocacy and Internal Communication: Metrics that Matter.


Thank you for joining us for the final instalment of our blog series, as we delve into the investigational aspect of Employee Advocacy: How do you measure its impact?

Why Measurement is Crucial

Aligning with Business Objectives

It's essential to determine how employee advocacy efforts tie back to larger business goals such as customer retention or revenue growth.

Resource Allocation

Understanding the ROI of advocacy programs can guide future investments in training, technology, and other resources.

Metrics and KPIs for Assessment

Social Engagement Metrics

Metrics like likes, shares, and comments can provide insights into how successfully employees are advocating for your brand online.

Employee Satisfaction Scores

Employee surveys can yield valuable data on the internal perception of your advocacy programs.

Using XComms for Monitoring

XComms Africa’s alert software not only ensures 100% visibility for your messages but also offers analytics to track employee engagement and message reach, which can be instrumental in assessing advocacy impact.


Measuring the impact of Employee Advocacy is not just about numbers; it's about aligning those numbers with your business goals. And to end on a lighter note, remember that what gets measured, gets managed.

If you found this investigative piece on "Employee Advocacy and Internal Communication" beneficial, then it’s time to take action. XComms Africa offers not only state-of-the-art internal communication tools but also analytical capabilities to measure their impact. Contact us today for a comprehensive solution to your internal communication challenges.



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