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Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headlines: The Future of Internal Communication

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In today's fast-paced business environment, it is important for organizations to have a reliable and efficient method of communicating important updates, reminders and other information to their employees. XComms offers a solution that enhances internal communication within an organization through its web tool - Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headlines.

This tool allows you to create multi-position scrolling ticker alerts that can be displayed on any screen or device, ensuring your message is seen without interrupting workflow. With XComms, you can elevate your alerts by inserting links or dragging and dropping images or animated GIFs. Plus, with pre-designed personal templates, you can send an alert quickly and efficiently.

The desktop scrolling ticker alerts feed allows you to communicate important updates, reminders, or general information to individuals, custom groups, departments, multiple locations or even the entire organization. XComms offers powerful yet subtle desktop alerting options, allowing you to bypass email or any other collaboration tool and deliver your message to desktop, SMS, email, and WhatsApp all in a single step.

XComms also provides actionable desktop headline alerts. You can drive recipients to internal or external resources, send quiz follow-up from the same console, and even include optional receipt acknowledgement confirmations or insert calendar invites. With XComms, you can stay on top of your communications and keep your team informed without interrupting their workflow.

In conclusion, Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headlines is an innovative solution that enhances internal communication within an organization. It offers a powerful, subtle and efficient method of delivering important updates and reminders to employees without interrupting their workflow.

With XComms, organizations can keep their employees informed and on the same page.


Improve internal communication in your organization with Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headlines. Contact us today to schedule your FREE demo and see how it can benefit your company. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline communication and increase productivity. Contact us now!


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