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37.3 A Historical Perspective - Evolution of Corporate Communication Strategies for Internal Comms

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In today's corporate landscape, communication strategies are ever-changing. This blog post offers a comprehensive look at how corporate communication strategies have evolved over time.

The Age of Print

Newsletters and Memos

The use of print media like newsletters and memos were once the cornerstones of internal communication, focusing on a one-to-many approach.

Digital Transformation

Emails and Intranets

Emails and intranets were breakthroughs that enabled two-way communication, thus fostering a culture of engagement.



With the availability of data analytics, communication strategies have now become more personalised, targeting specific audiences within an organisation for more impactful engagement.

Integration of AI and Analytics for Internal Communication

Predictive Analysis

AI and analytics are increasingly being integrated into communication strategies for predictive analysis, enabling proactive decision-making.


The journey of corporate communication strategies from basic memos to advanced predictive analytics is truly remarkable. As we look ahead, the integration of smarter technologies promises to make internal communication even more effective and engaging.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about "The Evolution of Internal Communication: A Historical Perspective". Let us assist you in optimising your current corporate communication strategies with our expert solutions. Contact us today to set your organisation on the path to communication excellence.


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