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37.1 - The Evolution of Internal Communication: A Historical Perspective, History of Workplace Comms

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Welcome to our deep dive into the intriguing history of workplace communication. Though it's easy to take modern technology for granted, understanding the evolution of internal communication helps to appreciate the advancements that have shaped today's corporate environments.

The Pre-Industrial Era of Internal Communication

Oral Tradition and Letters

Before the age of industrialisation, businesses were small and family-run, often relying on oral tradition and handwritten letters for internal communication. This form of communication was sufficient for the size and scale of operations at the time.

The Industrial Revolution

Rise of the Memo

The Industrial Revolution ushered in large-scale manufacturing and corporate structures. Memos and bulletins became popular for communicating policies and updates within an organisation, largely due to their efficiency and ability to reach a broad audience.

The 20th Century

Telephones and Early Computers

The introduction of telephones and early computers in the 20th century drastically improved the speed and efficacy of internal communication. Telephones allowed for real-time conversation without physical presence, and computers paved the way for digitalisation.

The 21st Century

The Digital Age for Internal Communication

Email, intranet, and later, collaboration software like Slack and Microsoft Teams, have revolutionised workplace communication. Digital platforms enable immediate information sharing and have given rise to remote working, breaking down geographical barriers.


As we glance back at the rich tapestry of communication methods that have carried us through history, it's astounding to witness the leaps in technology and strategy. With advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality on the horizon, who can say what the future holds for workplace communication?

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about "The Evolution of Internal Communication: A Historical Perspective". If you wish to further enhance your internal communication infrastructure, we offer state-of-the-art solutions tailored for modern workplaces. Contact us today to meet your specific internal communication needs.



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