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36.2 - Role of Communication in Employee Onboarding, through Effective Internal Communication

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Welcome back to another essential discussion on employee onboarding. If the previous blog was the 'what', consider this your guide to the 'why'. We've set the stage, now let's dig into the role of communication during the onboarding process.

The Pillars of Onboarding, through effective Internal Communication


Effective communication plays a pivotal role in helping new employees adapt to the workplace culture and operational systems.


Quality communication fosters connections, helping new hires feel a part of the team and encouraging them to express themselves.

Knowledge Transfer

Well-structured communication ensures that essential information is imparted effectively, ensuring new hires can perform their tasks competently.

Unpacking Communication Channels

Verbal Communication

From the induction speech to the team introduction, verbal communication is immediate and impactful, offering opportunities for questions and clarifications.

Written Communication

Emails, training manuals, and internal newsletters provide detailed, lasting resources for new hires to refer back to.

Non-Verbal Communication

Body language and workplace dynamics can communicate organizational values and expectations even when words are not exchanged.

In Closing

To sum it up, the way you communicate during the onboarding process can set the stage for an effective, engaging, and enriching workplace experience.

Effective communication is not just the responsibility of the HR department but should be a collective effort across all levels of an organisation.

We hope you found this discussion on the Role of Communication in Employee Onboarding to be enlightening. To take your internal communication to the next level, we offer tailored solutions for your unique organisational needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover how we can elevate your internal communication strategies.


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